Electroplating processes emitting Hexavalent Chromium are highly toxic and being replaced with Trivalent Chromium based solutions. 

We Have Developed A New

Trivalent Chrome Plating Process

that is easier to operate and outperforms existing aqueous based trivalent chromium plating processes.   

Safe Chrome® is a new technology using Green Chemistry

Aqueous Chrome Chemistry Alternatives

SAFE Chrome combines a stable ionic liquid salt with trivalent chromium salts. This solution allows the electroplating process to convert metal ions into chromium metal in a simpler and more efficient way than aqueous (water based) trivalent chemistries.

SAFE Chrome uses far less water in the process of electroplating chromium, therefore reducing operating challenges such as hydrogen evolution and pH adjustment. 

This CR-6 Free process is more simple to operate and does not require PFOS, PFOA, and other complexing additives. 

The SAFE Chrome process can be applied in decorative applications, flash chrome applications, thin-dense chrome applications, and is being evaluated for future functional, industrial, and engineered chromium plating applications. 

“I have evaluated numerous hexavalent chromium alternatives in my career and none have been as promising as SAFE Chrome to become a truly breakthrough replacement.”
- Dan E. – Vice President, Technical Services Imagineering Finishing Technologies

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