Plating WIth THE Safe Chrome PROCESS LOWERS Your Risk

Switching to SAFE Chrome will produce the similar look and protection of traditional chrome finishes that you are used to, while eliminating the hazards 

Tell Your Chrome Plating Company to Use SAFE Chrome to plate your parts

Safe Chrome® is Your Solution for

Most Chrome Plating Shops Near You

are still using hexavalent chrome in their plating baths.

Safe Chrome® is a new electroplating technology using non-cancerous Green chemistry.

Chrome Dipping & Electroplating

Safer for the environment, workers, and chrome plating shops all over the world.

Safe Chrome uses ionic liquid salts along with the safer trivalent chromium compound which is a hexavalent chrome alternative.

Plating with SAFE Chrome is more efficient and consumes less electricity during the plating process, which lowers cost. 


“I have evaluated numerous hexavalent chromium alternatives in my career and none have been as promising as SAFE Chrome to become a truly breakthrough replacement.”
Dan E. – Vice President, Technical Services
Imagineering Finishing Technologies

Unsure how to tell your

Chrome Plating Shop about Safe Chrome?

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Chrome Plating Service

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