SOUTH BEND, INDIANA: January 16, 2023 – Trion Coatings SAFEChrome® announced today that Brad Durkin has entered into a long-term consultation agreement supporting our market integration, assisting in the development of SAFEChrome® applications and performance enhancements for the replacement of hazardous hexavalent chromium plating.

Brad Durkin, BS Chemistry is anchored with 40 years of Surface Finishing Industry experience, 5 years on the applicator side, and 35 years on the technology supplier side. Mr. Durkin has held positions responsible for technology development, technical service, marketing, research/development, and commercialization. Mr. Durkin is experienced with the chemical manufacturing process for surface finishing with additional expertise in electroless deposition technologies and surface in addition to proficiency with many other surface finishing technologies.

Mr. Durkin, an NASF Fellow, CEF, former member and Chair of Technology Advisory Committee and August P Munning Award winner, has supported industry associations including NACE, SAE and ASTM throughout his career. He has authored numerous publications including patents, industry presentations, internal/external training modules, technology webinars, established marketing materials supporting industry, including NASF Surface Technology Environmental Resource Center, Plating & Surface Finishing, Metal Finishing and Products Finishing, in addition to many other international publications in China, India, Mexico & southeast Asia.  He has a proven track record for solving problems through new products and processes resulting in increased revenue growth.

Brad Durkin commented that: “Based on my recent experience working with SAFE Chrome® as a consultant, I see SAFE Chrome®as the technological pathway to the complete elimination of HEX Chrome both for functional and decorative applications. I am excited to be part of this technology that I believe will hold great commercial and environmental value for the surface finishing industry.”

Doug Morrison, President of Trion SAFE Chrome® commented that, “the working relationship we have shared with Mr. Durkin over the past months, has affirmed that he will certainly accelerate market adoption of SAFE Chrome® and enable us to engage with customers on specific product-market- fit solutions, as well as any surface finishing solution provider in the market.”   Kyle Hankinson, EVP Marketing and Sales at Trion explains that “Brad’s addition to the Trion team will greatly enhance our capabilities in application development and speed to the market.”


SAFE Chrome® is a proprietary technology that meets or exceeds industry standards and specification for hexavalent chromium plated components in a cost competitive manner.   It does not contain hexavalent chromium and does not require PFOA/PFOS additives. SAFE Chrome® mitigates employee health risks and reduces corporate liability exposure.

SAFE Chrome® is a technology developed in the United States and is working collaboratively with the US Army.  SAFE Chrome®   holds applications for Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Food, Military Marine and Medical and Oil and Gas.